William Hill Casino

William Hill CasinoWilliam Hill is best known to UK gamblers as a leading sports bookmaker. This prominent gaming establishment has joined the world of online gaming with williamhill.com. The William Hill Casino website has been given the As Seen on TV label thanks to commercials and product placements within shows. This UK bookmaker has gone global with games available in 21 languages including Turkish, Romanian and Norwegian. William Hill operates williamhill.com out of Malta through a subsidiary company called WHG Trading Limited.

You can get started at William Hill by playing standard versions of American and European Roulette. The single-zero European Roulette wheel is accompanied by a classic layout and easy-to-use controls. You can also test out the double-zero American Roulette wheel if you want a bit more of a challenge. William Hill is unique among other online casinos in offering a live Roulette table with a telecommuting croupier. This table is based out of Great Britain and allows players to get a traditional casino feel without stepping foot out of the house. These Roulette options cater to traditionalists who want to expedite their transition from casinos to online gaming.

This online gaming establishment also features unique Roulette options like Mini Roulette, Roulette Pro and 3-D Roulette. Mini Roulette is a scaled down version of European Roulette with a 13-number wheel and layout. The payouts for winning bets in Mini Roulette are lower than traditional Roulette but it is a change of pace for experienced players. This table features a maximum bet of $300 and a minimum bet of $1. Roulette Pro is an online version of traditional French Roulette. You can place side bets like Orphelins and Voisins du Zero at the Roulette Pro table. The 3-D Roulette table is an intriguing option for players looking for visually stimulating games. The Roulette wheel is in the foreground while the table is elevated that create a more aesthetically pleasing version of this classic game.

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William Hill Casino Review

William Hill Casino ReviewWilliam Hill Casino is among the leading casinos in the world when it comes to welcome and matching bonuses. You can take cash in on a $150 new player bonus when you make your first deposit of at least $35. Qualifying players can earn up to $1,500 on monthly loyalty bonuses just for playing their favorite games. This online casino also features a referral program where a player can earn $50 for each friend who opens an account. You might be able to qualify for a high-roller bonus if you make a large deposit into your game account. William Hill pays a $500 deposit bonus to any player who makes a minimum deposit of $1,000 and redeems the bonus code.

The Comps system is one of many ways in which William Hill rewards its players. This rewards system keeps track of the number of qualifying wagers made by players in order to award comp points. William Hill awards one comp point for every $10 wager made at Roulette, sports betting and other games. You can redeem your comp points for cash bonuses and rewards when you reach a minimum account balance. The Comps system has been effective in William Hill�s efforts to keep account holders happy even if they hit streaks of bad luck.

The online version of William Hill has been celebrated by various organizations for its work towards responsible gaming. The GREaT (Gambling Research, Education and Treatment) Foundation in Great Britain honored William Hill in 2009 for its efforts. This organization focused in particular on William Hill�s contributions to the Responsible Gambling Fund and persistence in keeping minors out of online casinos. This reputation for responsible gaming has allowed William Hill to attract positive attention that has yielded more account holders.