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Platinum Play CasinoPlatinum Play Casino was created in 2004 in order to provide a broader variety of games than competing websites. This online casino features more than 400 table and card games available from the comforts of home. The headquarters for Platinum Play Casino is Malta with operations run by the Fortune Lounge Group. You can access Roulette tables at Platinum Play in 10 different languages including English, Italian and Russian. Once you are ready to play Roulette, you have six tables to choose from depending on your playing style.

Your first trip to Platinum Play Casino reveals a trio of Roulettes dealing with the standard forms of the game. The American Roulette table translates the 38-number version of the game to the Internet. Platinum Play Casino also operates a European Roulette table with a 37-number wheel and classic layout. You can also enjoy the purest form of the game by heading to the French Roulette table. This table includes everything needed to play the original version of Roulette including call bet options. Your Roulette experience is enhanced with easy-to-use controls including Redo, Undo and Auto Play.

This online casino also caters to players interested in higher Roulette stakes and unique rules. The French Roulette Gold table keeps the same rules as the standard table with higher maximum bets. You can also play the European Roulette Gold game at Platinum Play Casino if you want to boost your potential winnings. The biggest payout at this online casino may come from the Roulette Royale table. This virtual Roulette table pays out a progressive jackpot for a successful player who has been at the table when the same number has been called five times in a row.

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Platinum Play Casino Review

Platinum Play Casino ReviewVisitors to Platinum Play Casino are able to earn bonuses and a potential vacation simply by playing online Roulette. The first bonus that a player will encounter at Platinum Play Casino is the free bets bonus. Every player can access up to 1,500 free bets after opening an account with this online casino. This bonus is a great way to get started at your preferred Roulette table without eating away at your bank account. You can also get $100 per friend referred to Platinum Play Casino. The big prize for Roulette players at this online casino is a trip to the International Casino Games. This high-stakes tournament takes place each year aboard a cruise ship. The International Casino Games feature 100 lucky winners from the casino who play for $200,000 in jackpots.

The Platinum Play Rewards program encourages players to lay down bets in order to earn rewards points. You can earn one loyalty point for every five dollars bet at a Platinum Play Casino table. The Rewards program notes that 1,000 loyalty points equals one cash credit. As you continue to bet at online Roulette tables, you can earn loyalty points quickly for cash bonuses. The casino offers 2,500 loyalty points for free for after a new account holder makes a first deposit. The Platinum Play Rewards program requires 5,000 loyalty points prior to redemption.

One trip to the Winners Wall at Platinum Play Casino shows the pure joy and excitement of winning Roulette bets. The Winners Wall features pictures of jackpot winners and high rollers from around the world. This showcase can act as a motivational tool if you get down after a few bad bets at the Roulette table. You can get started toward success at Platinum Play Casino by using the websites Roulette Guide. This guide details rules and tips to prepare every player for this fast-paced game. It is also possible to test out the gaming interface before opening an account with a non-download version of Roulette.