Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City CasinoJackpot City Online Casino has been serving Roulette, slots and cards players throughout the world since 1998. This casino has the As Seen on TV distinction on its website to show that its online games are known to millions of people. Players at JackpotCity.com are able to read table and slot games in 15 languages ranging from Polish and Spanish to Japanese and Russian. The reason why this online casino has been so successful is its selection of more than 400 casino games. Every player can also participate in 18 progressive jackpots by simply betting at their favorite tables.

The European Roulette table at JackpotCity.com is among the top ten most popular games on the website. This table features purple felt that allow the red and black pockets to stand out from the table. The modern design of the table and wheel fits into JackpotCity.com's cutting edge approach to online gaming. You can keep track of the last number played on the wheel by looking at the lower left hand side of the screen. The AutoPlay option at all of the Roulette tables can be used to simply replay your last bet instead of placing a new bet.

You can also test your skills at American and French Roulette along with Roulette Royale. The American Roulette table features a double-zero wheel and a simple interface for betting. You can engage in complicated side bets and test your skills at the classical version of the game at the French Roulette table. The Roulette Royale is the pinnacle of Roulette at JackpotCity.com Online Casino. This table uses high maximum bets and table limits to encourage high rollers to lay down their chips.

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Jackpot City Casino Review

Jackpot City casino reviewYour gaming account at JackpotCity.com can be enhanced with matching bonuses and rewards. The major bonus distributed to first-time players is a two-stage bonus totaling up to $500. Your first deposit can yield a $200 bonus when you redeem the coupon code. The second deposit at JackpotCity.com can lead to a bonus up to $300 when you meet minimum deposit requirements. The casino also features a variety of loyalty bonuses intended to keep avid players from withdrawing their money for other casinos. You may encounter weekend matching bonuses as you prepare to place money into your account from Friday through Sunday. JackpotCity.com schedules monthly promotions across its various games that can result in sizable bonuses and prizes.

It is also possible to enjoy Roulette through Jackpot City using a mobile version of the game. This mobile Roulette game designed by Microgaming can be downloaded in three easy steps. You can start by choosing Roulette at the Jackpot City casino website and entering your mobile phone number. The game will be sent to your mobile device and it is possible to place your first bet in five minutes. JackpotCity.com has worked hard recently to promote this mobile version of casino games with a sizable matching bonus. You can qualify for a 150% match bonus if you make a deposit of $150 and use any of the mobile casino games.

The combination of a quality operator and reputable software has turned JackpotCity.com into an industry leader. Carmen Media Group oversees the operation and customer service at this online casino as well as a series of other online gaming websites. This Gibraltar-based business takes seriously the security and customer service concerns of its players. The Roulette tables and other games at JackpotCity.com are designed by Microgaming. This leading software firm specializes in online casino games, which means that the software is designed especially for player needs. You can get started at JackpotCity.com today by reading the casino�s informational pages on Roulette terms, famous bets and winning strategies.