English Harbour Casino Review

English Harbour casinoOne of the leading online casinos in the world today is English Harbour Casino located at englishharbour.com. This online gaming destination notes that its first account was created in 1997 and it currently serves tens of thousands of players. English Harbour Casino is based out of St. John�s, Antigua. The casino attracts new players with a new player bonus up to $800. This new player bonus is a 100% bonus offered on a players first four bonuses totaling a maximum of $800. The casino offer dozens of online games including European and American Roulette.

The American Roulette table at English Harbour Casino features a virtual felt table and stylish wheel. The minimum bet at this table is $1 and the maximum bet is $100. Players interested in placing inside bets can put down a maximum of $300 per bet. English Harbour Casino sets a $15,200 maximum take from its table in case a player manages to win big wagers. These limits are comparable to the limits placed on the European Roulette table.

Another Roulette option for visitors to English Harbour Casino is the Wheel Deal. This weekly Roulette tournament allows players to compete for big jackpots against players around the world. Every player in the Wheel Deal has to pay a minimum $2 buy-in that contributes to the overall pot. The player with the highest chip count at the end of the Wheel Deal receives the jackpot. The Wheel Deal lasts over an entire week, allowing a player who gets in deep to rebound and win the pot.

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English Harbour siteEnglish Harbour Casino features a multi-tiered membership program to reward avid Roulette players. The basic One Star level at English Harbour allows a player to earn up to 20% in bonuses on each deposit. The Five Star level includes a 25% bonus on Monday deposits, a 50% bonus on Wednesday deposits and a 100% bonus on Friday deposits up to $250. This level also features a 10% bonus on any net gaming losses from the past week paid out on Fridays. The Gold membership level increases the bonus ceiling to $500. The upper echelon of membership is Platinum, which entitles lucky members to a 30% bonus on all deposits.

This online casino also participates in the VIP Plan along with myriad casinos around the world. The VIP Plan is a rewards plan that provides points for each bet and wager at English Harbour Casino. This plan allows for between eight and 15 points to be awarded per bet of $10 or more. The starting point for the VIP Plan is the Amber level, which runs from zero to 9,999 points. The top level within the VIP Plan is the Diamond level that exceeds 500,000 points. These points can be redeemed through English Harbour Casino for cash, additional plays and rewards.

The deposit and payout options at English Harbour Casino are comparable to other online casinos. English Harbour Casino accepts a variety of deposit options including credit cards, Quick Cash, Bank Wire and pre-paid gift cards. Some of these deposit options charge small fees depending on geographical location and deposit size. The minimum amount that can be deposited in a day is $30. English Harbour Casino limits weekly payouts to $5,000 per account in order to ensure payouts to all players with positive balances.

English Harbour Casino review also tries to educate its players about online casinos in general and Roulette in particular. The Articles section on the casino website describes the profit motive of casinos as well as why online gaming is popular. You can read through Roulette Bets to get familiar with the rules of the game. This online casino also provides a Roulette Tips page to aid inexperienced players getting ready to lay down their bets.