Online Roulette Beats Land Based Roulette Anytime

There was a time when the only way to enjoy classic casino games was to visit a land based casino. Now you can find practically any game through your computer or cell phone, where one of the most popular online games is roulette. This classical casino game is all about a wheel, a steel ball and your choice of bet. Once that ball drops into one of the wheel’s compartments, you will know if you won on your bet or if it is time to spin again.

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The Advantages of Online Roulette

When online casinos became popular, much of the goal was to provide a gambling experience online that would resemble the land based experience as much as possible. Today there still are amazing online games that boast 3D graphics, animations and even live dealers, but they are infused with bursts of innovation.

As technology developed, the game producers were able to create new versions of classic games. When you choose to place your roulette bets in an online casino, you now have the option to play on several wheels at the same time, add a bet for a progressive jackpot and use smart strategies to better your winning chances. For more online roulette information and to discover the different types of games, visit Casinocruise’s online roulette section.

You're Chances of Winning

Something everyone wants to know is if it is easier to win on roulette online. After all, it is the possibility of winning money that makes most of us give this classic table game a try. Truth be told, the odds are not in your favor in roulette, and the casino will always have the upper hand. This is true especially if you choose the American version with a single zero and a double zero.

The hardest bet to win with is the single number bet, but if you do manage to win it, you will cash out a load of money. With the Inside Bet Straight Up you can get a payout of 35 to 1 if the ball lands in the right place on the wheel. The even bets win more often, but in this instance you get smaller sums with each win, as the casino pays 1 to 1.

However, in roulette you cannot only focus on the odds and payouts. Online roulette is a game of luck and the online games are incredibly fair, as they are ruled by number generators that no one can tamper with.

Roulette Bonuses

Forget about betting systems when you play online. These are not going to work in casinos where you might set limits to your own bets and where many games have limits of how much you can bet on them. Bonuses offer a much better option because they are money that the casino will give you as a new player and once you return to place more bets.

In an online roulette casino you should make sure to get smart bonuses that allow you to play for free but win for real. With these kind of bonuses, you can be braver and try the bets that are exciting but harder to win with.

Absolute Freedom

In an online casino you can play whenever you feel like it, be it on your desktop, tablet or phone. You get the bonuses to play more rounds with and you have many different versions to choose from with special bonus features bringing even more excitement to your roulette gaming experience!