Managing Risk and Reward in European Roulette

European roulette is considered to be one of the most basic types of table games for new casino players to start with because the premise is pretty simple. You bet on numbers and spin a wheel, and if you number comes up, then you win. The even money bets are easy to learn with a low volatility, and the straight-up bets provide players with a chance to win a sizable 35:1 payout. However, between these two extremes are a number of other types of bets, and you can really customize your experience if you know how to manage risk and reward in this game.

A Simple Premise

Consider the following: If you make a single $5 bet anywhere on anything in European roulette, then your payout rate will always be exactly the same. Even though there are tons of different bets available in this game, you're still going to always have the same house advantage. The reason for this is that the rules of the game naturally compensate for a change in risk with a corresponding change in reward. For example, if you move from an even money bet to a bet that pays out at a rate of 2:1, then your chances of winning are changed accordingly so that your payout rate stays at 2.7 percent. You can learn more about this phenomenon here.

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A Handy Shortcut

A side effect of this dynamic is that you can quickly calculate the payout for any single bet in this game if you know the trick to do it. What you do is divide 36 by how many numbers will win your bet. Subtract one from that to get your payout. For example, a corner bet wins on four numbers, so divide 36 by 4 and then subtract 1 to get 8. This means that the payout on a corner bet is 8:1. You can do this trick with any of the bets on the table.

Customized Bet Sizing

What this means for players is that you can really customize your experience when you're playing European roulette. Are you in the mood for a high-risk, high-risk scenario? Then you'll want to consider playing row bets, split bets and straight-up bets. A row bet is a wager on three numbers in a row, and it pays at 11:1. A split bet pays on two numbers that are beside each other on the table, and that pays at a rate of 17:1. The straight-up bets are wagers on a single number that have the highest payout in the game (along with the largest risk) at 35:1.

An In-Depth Experience

On the surface, this type of roulette seems very simple. However, the balanced nature of risk and reward in this game creates an extremely in-depth experience if you know that risk and reward are automatically linked no matter which bets you take. That means that no matter how you're feeling about your betting, European roulette will have a set of wagers that will satisfy you. Overall, that's about all you can ask for when it comes to playing an online casino game.