Choose the right roulette strategy

Although, it is said that the roulette game is a game of chance, yet you can enhance your chances of winning on a fine day, if you intently follow the strategies that have been explained in the article that follows. So, read on for better insight. Although, there are several strategies that a player can adopt while playing roulette, here few of the most sought after strategies have been mentioned. You can bank upon the following roulette strategies. These include-

  • The James Bond Strategy

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  • The Martingale Strategy
  • The D’Alembert Strategy
  • The Reverse Martingale Strategy
  • The Fibonacci Strategy

We will delve deeper into the most popular and widely used of all strategies here.

The Martingale Strategy explained

The most popular of all roulette game strategies, in this you are required to double the bets. If you double the bets, the chances of retrieving your lost money improve the second time. This is more or less similar to the concept when we toss a coin in the air. And if you call head, it can be either head or tail; the outcome again is not in your hands. But if you place your bet twice, there are chances that even if the coin turns out to be head in the first instance, it might as well be tail in the second chance. Again, this is a game of 50/50. In order to increase your chances of winning, you must place a bet on that table in the casino that allows you to play roulette with minimum bet and high maximum bet.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

This comprises in increasing the number of times you place the bets in the event you win and vice versa that is reducing the number of times you place the bets when you discover that things are not going your way.

D’Alembert Strategy

This is regarded as a safe haven as compared to the other 2 mentioned above. Instead of doubling your bet, in this strategy, it requires you to increase the bet you place by 1 even if you find that you are losing the game by applying this strategy. You can choose numbers that are either odd or even and place your bet accordingly.

The Fibonacci Strategy in roulette game

The strategy is essentially based on the famous series of numbers that were discovered by Fibonacci or Leonardo Pisano Bigollo. In this you will be required to bet taking into account the last 2 bets that you had placed. However, one of the greatest drawbacks of this strategy is that you tend to lose more money as you stay in the game for long and if you have not been able to make it big on that particular day.

The James Bond Strategy

This essentially involves a concept known as “column bet”. Aside from this, you will essentially require at least USD$200 if you want to start off the game at the casino table.

So, depending on your comfort level, experience, inclination towards the game, and the amount you want to risk, you can opt for any one of the strategies mentioned above in a roulette game.