Play European Roulette Games At Goldrun Casino

When you visit Goldrun Casino you will find two enchanting roulette options. European Roulette is a favorite among many who play table games at casinos. Goldrun Casino has chosen to focus exclusively on this brand of roulette for their game offering.

Players at the site are able to play in free play mode as guests. They can also play for real cash money by becoming a registered member on the site and making a deposit to their new player account. There are two roulette options for players. You can play European Roulette Low Bets or European Roulette Standard. Both are powered by HPG.

The screen will load quickly if you elect free mode, or what is known as demo play. Many players choose to sample the game in this manner before committing to the casino. There is pleasant background sound that you can toggle up and down with a slide bar or completely mute. The betting also takes place using your mouse to slide the bar until it shows the value that you wish to pay in to the game.


A female voice will welcome you to the game. Players begin with a bank of 1000 credits in free play mode, and this amount increases or decreases as you play. Just drag your chips onto the board and select spin to get gaming with this beautifully designed game.

Game play features include Spin, ReBet, Double Bet, and you can elect to clear all game play or continue your next spin with the same betting structure as the previous wheel spin. The minimum bet is 0.10 and the maximum bet is 50. A hot and cold history of your plays will appear in the upper right hand side of your game screen so that you can decide which options may or may not work best for you in future wagers.

Real cash money game play uses the same boards and you can see your bank on the lower left as you play, as well as any winnings that you accrue. If at any time you are unsure how to play, you just need to select the large question mark in the upper right hand corner of the game screen and full rules, payout tables and other helpful information is laid out for you in a tabbed format. Players can also claim some sweet welcome bonuses at Goldrun Casino when they first deposit to their account.