Free Roulette High Gaming By Tain

Tain is a game developer behind some remarkable versions of Roulette, including Roulette High. The free play demo version of the game allows for bets between €1 and €500. There is no music in the background as you play Tain’s version of Roulette - this means hours of relaxing, quite, undistracted play. The game screen presents absolutely exquisite graphics, all of which seemingly pop off the screen with impressive color and designs.

The virtual table is diagonally positioned in the middle of the game screen. A light brown and gold bar appears at the top of the screen. Within the bar, you will see the number of rounds you play, sound effect controls, your free play credits, bet amount, and win amount, if applicable. If you hover the pointer of your mouse over any position in the betting area on the table, the area highlights the bet and explains the bet you are making along with bet amount. While there’s a special bets feature in Tain’s Roulette High, you have to access the special betting options via a drop down menu. Special bets include red splits, black splits, orphelin pleins, finale plein 1, finale plein 2, and finale plein 0 bets.

To begin play, you get a full €15,000 credits. The game allows for straight bets, split bets, street bets, six line bets, and corner bets. You can also make even money bets, group bets, and columns. Betting chips appear in the lower right corner in denominations of 1, 10, 50, and 100. The Tain game development company has not overlooked a single feature - even the chips present a slight shadow when they are lifted from the table. Clicking on a chip and clicking on a betting area places your bet instantly. The sound of clanking chips occurs when you set the chips on the table.


The European Style Roulette wheel appears in the upper left corner of the game screen. There is a tracker in the lower left corner reveal cold numbers in a blue tracker and hot numbers in a red tracker. You can instantly see odd and even percentages as well. Hover your mouse pointer over the table limit card and it instantly reveals a translucent pop up screen with payout information for inside and outside bets.

Tain’s exceptional version of Roulette High is available for free plan or real cash wagering at Nederbet Casino online.