Enjoy Exclusive Double Action Roulette Gaming

Double Action Roulette is an exclusive offering online, only available via Sky Bet Casino. This exclusive offering is an impressive development of Mazooma Interactive Games. The game is available in version The game is available in real cash and demo mode. In Double Action Roulette, you can place bets on the inner and outer Roulette rings. The betting area of the table has two sections, one for inner and one for outer bets. Hover your mouse pointer over any betting position and a popup box reveals the amount of your bet and the payout of a win. Once you choose a chip and place your bet, the pop up text will reveal exactly what you will win if the number/color combo comes up on the wheel.

The game software presents you with a Roulette table featuring a design like no other – it features sci-fi colors and style and the view of the game is from overhead. Along the upper edge of the unusually designed Roulette table, you will see a zoom feature revealing winning color/number combos as the ball lands in the pocket. The black and silver Roulette wheel spins on the left and you can clearly see the two distinct rings that you can bet on when playing. The tracker is just below the zoom feature and you will see it tracks both inner and outer winning color/number combos.

A line of betting chips is available along the edge of the table. Simply click on any chip and you will hear a bit of music. Then click your mouse on the betting area and you place your bet instantly. This game has four buttons, all of which are mouse driven – Spin, Clear, Double, and Undo. Clicking on Double will double your bet. Clicking on Undo will step back your wager one increase. Clicking on Clear will wipe all bets from the table.


The denominations of chips you can use for betting include $0.01, $0.05, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $25.00, $100.00, and $500.00. The software gives you 500 credits for playing in demo mode. Once you spin, you will not be able to bet anymore. A voice will announce the inner and outer bets, including numbers and colors. Winnings are paid automatically. Once spinning concludes, you will see four buttons: New, Rebet, Rebet+Spin, and RebetX2 pop up in place of the initial mouse driven buttons.

Double Action Roulette is available exclusively at SkyVegas Casino Online.