Enjoy Roulette With A Deal Or No Deal Theme

In Deal and No Deal Roulette, when the game loads in your browser, you will hear the voice of a woman announce “Welcome to the Deal or No Deal Roulette Table.” Quite jazz music plays in the background – you will hear the sound of a guitar, snare drums, bass, and piano keys. If you prefer to play quietly, you can click on the options buttons to turn off the sound. The options button also gives you access to graphic quality controls – you can choose between low and high-resolution graphics to ensure smooth gaming dynamics and equally smooth animations and transitions.

The table presents as if you have just walked up to the game table in a casino. The large Roulette wheel sits behind the betting area – the virtual table is covered with a blue surface. In Demo mode, you get 10,000 credits. The betting chips are along the edge of the table. You can find higher denominations by using the right arrow to move to the right and reveal the hidden chips. Four buttons appear in the lower right of the screen – Clear, Undo, Double, and Spin.

When placing a bet, you have to click on a chip and then click on the bet you want to place on the table. A pop up box reveals the kind of bet you are making, the amount you are betting, and how much you can win if you predict the winning color/number combination. When you click on spin, a small text box appears and says no more betting. On the Roulette Wheel, you will see numbers 1-36 randomly placed on the wheel, with each pocket in alternating colors of red and black.


You will be playing Roulette with European Rules – the wheel has a single green zero compartment versus the zero and double zero offering you would find in an American version of the game. The wheel also differs in Deal or No Deal Roulette where as there is an outer ring featuring a phone and a box with a question mark. The outer ring spins. If it lands on the winning pocket, that’s when the Deal or No Deal features of the game kick into play. Of course, you will not be able to use the features unless you place the side bet.

You can play Deal or No Deal Roulette at Sky Vegas Casino and 888Games.com