GoWild Casino Lets You Go Wild With Roulette Gaming

GoWild Casino serves up with as many as 10 Roulette titles for your gaming enjoyment. All of the games are powered by a Microgaming platform. Each game has slightly different designs and/or game rules. Thus, at GoWild, it’s easy to find a Roulette variant you’ll enjoy.

European Roulette is available at GoWild. The game features a single zero compartment on the wheel, a Roulette table with a dark purple surface, and a diagonal layout for the Roulette wheel and table. A male voice makes announcements during the game. A history tracker appears in the upper right corner of the game screen. Jazzy music plays in the background.

American Roulette features the same diagonal table layout of the wheel and the betting area. The history tracker is also in the same location. Some variations in the game when compared to European Roulette include a green table surface and two zero compartments on the wheel – a single and double zero pocket. A male voice makes announcements. You can hear the sounds of a bustling casino in the background as you pay.


Premier Roulette features a large Roulette wheel at the top of the screen and a betting area with a light green surface beneath it. The wheel is European style with a single zero pocket. History tracking is available. You can control the speed of the game, video zoom options, and the chips make realistic sounds as they clank together.

Premier Roulette Diamond is impressively realistic 3D graphics. The Roulette wheel is in the upper portion of the screen and the betting area is laid out before you. The history tracker appears on the left side of the screen. The game has a European Roulette wheel design. The game allows you to set the speed. Normal mode shows the normal spin and the end result. The turbo mode will show you no spin animation, only the end result of a spin. French Roulette matches the table layout of American and European Roulette. The surface of the table features a visually simple design with a pine green and yellow surface. The wheel has a European style composition with one zero pocket.

Additional options you can enjoy when seeking Roulette gaming on GoWild Casino include Wheels of Riches Roulette, Three Wheeler, Spingo, Multiplayer Roulette, and GoldSeries Roulette. The games have incredible graphic renderings. You can experience full game immersion as you play.