Exciting And Free Roulette Gaming On Your Android Device

My Roulette is an exciting mobile device app compatible with Android devices. Borce Trajkovski is the developer of My Roulette. This free app has a file size of 2.7M and the game available in version 2.0. You must have an Android device with a 2.1 operating system or greater to play. The gaming developer has given the app a content rating of medium maturity.

This free app is ideal for new and seasoned players. My Roulette offers you hours of fun playing Monte Carlo style Roulette gaming. The app takes mere seconds to install on a compatible device. When you open the game, My Roulette loads with an image of a Roulette Wheel on a dark green backdrop. Above the Roulette appears the graphic of a door, the words “Credit 100$” and a pile of wagering chips. Beneath the credit information appears the word, “Rolls” with a numerical indicator.

When you tap on the virtual door it allows you to exit the application instantly. If you tap on the word credit, a menu appears at the bottom of the game window. The menu has buttons that allow you to access the game rules, customize settings, and restart the game.


Trajkovski’s My Roulette game settings allow you to customize the app’s sound effects. The game loads with roulette and voice sounds enabled automatically. You have the option of enabling ambience sounds as well. You can customize gameplay by selecting the amount of free credits you can start with as well as the level of game difficulty. If you opt for $10 in credits, you choose the hardest game setting. If you choose the $50 credit, you choose the medium level. If you choose the $100 credit level, you will play the easiest level of the game. If you choose all levels, you get $500 in terms of free credits. The game starts out in easy mode automatically. This app also has a feature that allows you to keep the screen from dimming during game play.

To begin gaming, you can swipe your finger on the European style Roulette wheel. You can also tap your finger on the virtual pile of chips to place your bet. You can place a wager by tapping on the betting area.

You can access the free app at Google Play. The game is also available at Trajkovski.net.