Play TweenSoft’s Roulette Free Online

If you have an Internet browser with a Flash plug in, you can play TweenSoft’s Roulette online free. This game has attractive graphics and superior sound effects so that you can enjoy full game immersion. You will get the feel of a real brick and mortar casino when you are playing this virtual game in the comfort of your own home on your personal computer.

When the game loads in your browser, you will see a game logo page with a Roulette wheel set against a green backdrop. You can use your mouse to click on the wheel to start the game. You will see a pop up menu appear with the option to start, find out more about the game, or access more games by the game developer. This game has a super easy layout, however the game does not have a tutorial or access to game rules. Thus, the game is most ideal for a player with some familiarity on how to play the game or for those who enjoy trying out game software intuitively.

In the upper left corner of the game window is a clear bet button if you place a wager and decide you want to change the amount of your bet. Just below the clear button is an icon for controlling the game’s sound effects. This game starts you out with $10,000 in free funds, as is indicated in the lower left corner of the game window. Above the amount of funds you have appears the amount you are wagering. The minimum bet in TweenSoft’s Roulette is 5 credits. The maximum bet is 1900 credits.


This game has several chip denominations to choose from, including 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100. Next to the chips are two mouse driven controls, including repeat and spin. If you want to place the same bet repetitiously, you can use the repeat button to do so. When you click the spin button, a Roulette wheel appears in the game screen hosting a single zero, so you end up playing a European variant of the game. If you place a winning bet, any winnings are credited to your account instantly and you will hear a sci-fi like sound. If you lose, credits are deducted from your account and no sounds are heard.

You can play TweenSoft’s Roulette free at The game is also available as a free mobile app at