Play Hours Of Free Roulette With Gold Rush Roulette Online

Gold Rush Roulette is a game designed by Undersiege. This game has fun banjo music that plays in the background as you bet and spin the wheel. The game application provides you with 500 grams of gold to play free. Gold Rush Roulette has 37 compartments, including a single zero compartment, so the game is a European variant of Roulette. The minimum bet is 1 gram of gold. The maximum bet is the amount you have in your account to play. The game is ideal for the neophyte looking to grow comfortable with betting on the Roulette wheel. It is also ideal for adept players looking for some great leisure play.

When the game loads in your browser, a menu appears. You will see the game title in yellow on a wooden sign. Beneath the game title is information on how to play the game. You have to click on a gold nugget amount. Once you click on the gold nugget, you have to click on the betting area to place your wager. After making your bet, you can click on spin to play. The menu hosts a “Play Now” button, and there are two additional buttons at the bottom of the menu where you can access more games or alternative Flash-based games.

When you start a game, you will see a moving marquee in the middle of the game screen. The marquee indicates how much gold you have and prompts you to place a bet. The game is set in a faux wood frame. In the upper left corner, you will see the game title, the amount of gold you have, the amount of your bet, and your game rank. You start out in rank as a “Gold Fool.” The Roulette wheel sits in the upper right corner of the game window.


Below the game information and Roulette wheel, the game app presents the betting area. Above the betting area are two mouse driven controls including “clear bet,” and “spin wheel.” When you spin the wheel, you can see the white ball move around the wheel, and the game has realistic sounds. The betting area on the board flashes as the wheel spins. If you win, the credits appear in your account automatically. Losses result in immediate deductions.

Gold Rush Casino is available free at You can also access the game free at