Roulette Doc’s Free European Roulette Hosts Spectacular Graphics

Roulette Doc has designed a free European Roulette game with high definition graphics and the game is a European variant hosting 36 pockets numbered from 0-36 as well as a single, green, zero compartment. The game has a minimum bet of 1 coin. The maximum bet in Roulette Doc's European Roulette is the amount you have in your account. The game starts you out with 1000 free credits to play.

Roulette Doc's European Roulette is a great game for beginners. The rules are simply defined and the application gives the neophyte player a chance to hone Roulette playing skills. Alternatively, the adept player can enjoy hours of free play with a game that has high quality graphics and terrific sound effects.

When the game loads in your browser, a menu screen presents with a Roulette table's surface, a small Roulette wheel in the right corner, and red betting chips in the lower left corner. Above the betting chips on the page, several active game options appear. You can start a new game, alter game options, access game rules, or see more games by the game's designer. When you click on “Options,” you can turn the sound on or off and you can choose the quality of the graphic renderings. Graphic controls include low, medium, and high definition graphics.


If you click on “New Game,” a game loads on the screen. The title of the game appears in the upper left hand corner of the game window. The Roulette wheel is just below the game title. Below the Roulette wheel are four betting chips in 1, 5, 25, and 100 denominations. Below the chips you will see the amount of free credits you have, and two mouse driven buttons for accessing more games or returning to the main menu. The betting area is placed neatly to the right.

A female voice prompts you to place your bet. A spin button appears below the Roulette wheel. The winning number and color will appear in a number tracker running the length of the game screen on the left of the game window. The female voice announces if you win or lose. Following your first bet, you will see a “clear bet” button or a “rebet button” you can use for ease of renewed or repeat betting.

You can play Roulette Doc's European Roulette free at You can also access the free game at