Practice Your Roulette Skills With Common Draw Roulette

Common Draw Roulette is a virtual game development by BetSoft Gaming. You can play this game in free mode or in real cash mode. The demo mode of the game provides you with 1000 free credits. When the game loads in your browser, you'll see realistic graphics. No music plays in the background, so you can immerse yourself in the game while enjoying a quiet gaming experience. The general table limits consist of a 1 credit minimum bet and a 100 maximum bet. The game is available in Norwegian, English, Italian, and Dutch languages – the language can be selected via a drop down menu in the upper left corner of the game window.

When playing this game, you'll need to place your bet within a specific amount of time. Once you place your wager, you need to confirm it by clicking on the confirm button. Shortly after you place your bets, you'll a male voice say, “No more bets.” The Roulette wheel will spin automatically. The male voice will announce the current winning color and number combination,. Common Draw Roulette features a European style wheel with one zero compartment.

Common Draw Roulette features a chat window where you can chat with other players. In the same small box, there are additional tabs – one revealing game stats, and the other revealing the type of special bets you can make. The game stats lets you see percentages related to red, black, green, odd, and even wagers. You can also view the last four hot and four cold numbers.


This game is great for a new player looking to learn the basic rules on how to play the game. By clicking the Help button in the upper left corner, game rules immediately appear in a pop up window. You can also access a paytable. You can make a straight up bet on one number with a payout of 35:1. You can make a two number split bet with a payout of 17:1. A three number Street bet pays 11:1. A four number corner bet pays 8:1. A six number line bet pays 5:1. A 12 number dozen or column bet pays 2:1, and an 18 number odd, even, red or black bet pays 1:1.

Common Draw Roulette is a game that's available in free mode or for cash play at 7 Red Casino. The game is also available free or for real cash play at 37 Bet Casino online.