Play French Roulette With Exceptional Graphics

French Roulette is one of several Roulette games designed by Net Entertainment. The game has a general minimum table limit of 1 credit and a maximum table limit of 3000 credits. You can play the game in real cash mode or demo mode. If you want to enjoy the game through practice play, the demo mode supplies you with 5000 credits for game play. The game is ideal for adept players already familiar with French Roulette rules, but it is equally ideal if you have never played the game before – the software provides you with easy to understand, comprehensive game rules at the click of your mouse.

To access the game, all you have to do is click on the game link. The Roulette game loads immediately inside your open browser window. When the game loads you'll hear piano music in the background – if you want to turn the music off, you can do so through the game settings. The settings allow you to turn on/off the audio, effects, and music. You can also change the fast play setting of the game to normal mode.

The automatic spin mode in this game is truly spectacular. You can set the game to spin automatically up to 1000 times, but you can go even further than that and define some of the spin parameters as well. For instance, you can have the automatic spin process stop following any win or if a single win exceeds a specific amount. You can also set the automatic spin mode based on your cash increases or decreases. This allows you to keep a careful eye on your betting funds and prevents you from getting carried away with automatic spinning. Of course, there is a manual spin option as well.


The mouse driven controls in French Roulette include Spin, Quick Spin, Clear, and Rebet. The game supplies you with tools for tracking odd/even or red/black percentages as well as hot and cold numbers. When you position your mouse pointer over any betting section on the Roulette table, it reveals the kind of bet your making and the bet amount. You'll find the graphics colorful and beautifully rendered. The sound effects ensure a realistic casino gaming experience in a virtual environment.

You can play French Roulette free or in cash mode at Best Casino Online. The game is also available at Smart Live Casino.