Play European Five Wheel Roulette With La Roulette

La Roulette is a game that is part of the WinADay software platform. With this game you get to play Roulette with a fun twist. Like traditional Roulette, you place your bets on the Roulette table. In La Roulette however, you can choose to spin wheel one, two, three, four, or all five. If you choose five wheels, you end up with five winning numbers on a single spin. The demo version of the game supplies you with 8832 virtual credits for game play. You can play up to 988 rounds.

The layout of La Roulette is exquisite. In the upper left corner of the game board is a history tracker revealing all the winning numbers/colors. The board looks like a chalk board with the word “History” written and underlined in white chalk. Next to the history board is a large Roulette wheel. The betting area allows you to hover your mouse over any potential bet to reveal the potential payout. Each Roulette is inside the next so it looks like a single Roulette wheel, but there are really five wheels in all. To choose the wheels, there is a button in the lower left corner of the screen. Clicking on it repeatedly will allow you to choose the number of wheels you desire.

Once you place your bet and click on the large spin button in the lower right corner of the game screen, you will hear a male voice with a French accent say, “No more bets please.” You can hear the ball move around the Roulette wheel. When the winning combinations come up, you can see a close up of all five wheels in the upper right corner of the game screen.


A row of betting chips is set before you so you can drop and drag them onto the Roulette betting table. Denominations include $0.1, $0.5, 1, 5, and 25. Chips sound real as you place them on the table. The ease of the mouse driven controls in this game make it ideal for anyone. Along the right side of the game screen are several icons, one of which opens up the rules of the game and another that reveals La Roulette's paytable. You can set the game to autoplay five to 100 times.

La Roulette is available in the demo version free at WinADay Casino. The game is also available free at