Experience A Genuine Casino Feel With Vista’s European Roulette

When Vista Gaming's European Roulette loads onto your game screen, the first thing you will notice are the visually stunning elements this game presents. If you like Roulette with a real casino feel, you'll enjoy the crisp sharp imagery and enticing graphics this game supplies. You can hear a snare drum and piano duo playing in the background as well – this lends to the professional casino feeling the game elicits. Experiencing full game immersion with Vista's European Roulette is beyond easy.

A female dealer's voice welcomes you to the game. A spinning Roulette wheel featuring a single zero compartment appears along the upper edge of the screen. The oblong, green carpeted Roulette table appears diagonally positioned on the game screen. In the right corner of the screen you can see a history tracker seemingly framed in a dark wood frame. A zoom screen revealing a close up of the Roulette wheel is also framed with an ornate wood design. Next to the zoom screen is a table card reading “European Roulette Rules.” Clicking on the Rules reveals the game's paytable.

Betting on one number is a straight up bet that pays the top payout of 35:1. Bets on outside even money bets pays 1:1. A bet split between two numbers is a split bet with a potential payout of 17:1. Betting on three numbers is called a three number bet and pays 11:1. Making a corner bet while wagering on four numbers has a potential payout of 8:1. A six number bet pays 5:1. A bet on an outside column or dozen pays 2:1. A bet on two dozen or two columns pays 3:2.


The settings in European Roulette allow you to control the game animations, music, voices, and effects. The demo version of the game gives you 1000 free virtual credits for game play. The betting chips are in the lower right corner in denominations of 1, 5, 25, 100, and 500. You can place bets via a drop and drag operation. You can increase your bet by repeatedly clicking on the chip you choose to use for betting. If you reach the bet limit for a specific type of bet, a pop up box appears letting you know that you cannot wager any more money.

Vista Gaming's European Roulette game is available in demo form exclusively at VistaGaming.com.