Vista Gaming’s American Roulette Features Visually Stunning Graphics

The American version of Roulette created by Vista Gaming has high definition, high resolution, impeccable graphics. The images are colorful, crisp, clean, and true to life. As you play the game, you'll lose yourself in the virtual setting and begin to feel as if you are wagering in a real casino environment. Full game immersion is possible with this Roulette gaming selection. The game is available in a free demo version that supplies you with 1000 free virtual credits for gaming. You do not need special software to play the game. If you want to enjoy the free game, a network connection is required as well as a compatible browser and a flash based plug in.

The American Roulette game has few differences when compared to the European game by the same game maker. The Roulette table is cobalt blue the American game instead of pine green. The wheel features a zero and a double zero compartment rather than a single zero compartment. Otherwise the layout of both games is practically identically. The Roulette wheel is in the upper portion of the game window. The oblong Roulette table with rounded corners is positioned diagonally on the screen. The table has a faux burgundy leather border. You can see wooden chairs with cloth seating that lend to the element of realism the game elicits.

In American Roulette, you can turn on and off the voices, music, sound effects, and game animations through the game's settings. Along the bottommost edge of the screen, your balance, bet amount, and winnings appear. A female voice calls out the winning pocket and color. A history tracker appears in the right corner with a wooden framework around it. A zoom screen revealing a close up of the wheel is also framed with woodwork. The movement of chips sounds exactly like you are using real chips to place your bets.


Following the placement of your wager, you can click on the red Spin button in the lower right corner of the game screen to get the wheel spinning. A rebet feature allows you to place the same bet repeatedly for subsequent spins. If you want to clear your chips from the Roulette table, you can click on a button labeled “Collect” to clear the chips quickly as well.

Vista Gaming's American Roulette is available in a demo version exclusively at