Confused About Loyalty Bonuses and Rewards? We Can Help

As longtime online casino gamers, we often get many questions from those newer to this stellar form of online entertainment. One of the first questions we tend to get from newbie casino gamers is about loyalty bonuses and rewards. There are really two parts to the reward scheme of most online casinos, their loyalty scheme and player friend referrals which we covered in our last post.

When you enter a new casino you will be offered welcome bonuses and new player bonuses. These are separate perks and rewards than the loyalty bonuses which are provided for players who game the casino long term. So, we will be covering the new player perks in our next post. Today we want to focus on those long term rewards for players who become members at a casino and continue to play the casino faithfully as a depositing member.

Most loyalty schemes or programs are geared toward the players who stays a while. If you are from the United States, then the word “scheme” may be off putting to you because of the popular connotation of a schemer being a swindler. However, loyalty rewards are a program and not some seedy scheme to get your money. They are a gift the casino bestows on loyal players who continue to stay at their casino instead of moving on to a new one to collect those new player rewards we mentioned.


Many loyalty programs have a level up system, where as a new member of an online casino site you get lower rewards than someone who has leveled up after some time as a depositing member. All these levels typically have similar rewards, they just increase in size as you move through the tiers of the loyalty program. Most are based on percentages of bonus money placed in your account when you deposit, or on accruing points for games played. You can then change these comp points into game play or in some cases real cash money.

Often loyalty programs also give players special bonuses on the anniversary date of joining, the players birthday, or other special times. Perks and rewards can also include special games with luxury prizes, or member only offers for additional game play or perks. Each site has their own loyalty rewards program and we highly recommend that you read their personal terms of service.