Play Jarbull’s Roulette Free On Your Mobile Device

Jarbull's Roulette is a free gaming app compatible with Android devices. You must have an operating system of 1.6 or greater to play. This game has a content rating of Medium Maturity on Google Play. The game has a file size of 1.1M and it is available in version 1.0. This game has an easy to navigate layout and smooth gaming dynamics. You can enjoy hours of free play while partaking of full game immersion. The game has quality sound effects and graphic renderings.

When you load Jarbull's Roulette on your mobile device, a menu screen appears with five buttons. Underneath the game logo and Roulette wheel, there are buttons for lucky shop, continue, new game, more games, and exit. If you click on New Game, a game loads and a betting table appears. Along the upper edge of the game your balance, your bet amount, and your win amount. The game gives you 1000 free credits to play.

This game has a variety of chips you can use to place bets including denominations of 1, 5, 10, and 25 on the left hand side of the game screen, and 50, 75, 100, and 250 on the right side of the game screen. Below the virtual chips are the game controls including four buttons – spin, clear table, undo, and menu. To place a bet you have to click on a chip of your choosing and place it on the Roulette betting area. Once you place your bet you can spin the wheel by clicking on the spin button or you can wait for the game to spin wheel automatically following the appearance of the text, “No more bets please.”


If you win a bet, you will hear applause. If you lose, you will hear a male voice say, “Oh Oh.” Following your bet a Roulette wheel appears and below the Roulette wheel you will see the current number and color that wins. Along the right side of the screen that sports the Roulette wheel, the game has a history tracker. This game allows you to place multiple bets simultaneously. The winning or losing number and color appear in the right corner of the game screen when you are viewing the betting area.

You can access Jarbull's Roulette free on Google Play. The game is also available at the website of the developer at