Enjoy European Roulette Free On Your Mobile Device

Betforyou is a gaming developer behind the creation of a mobile app for playing European Roulette. The game is compatible with devices hosting an Android Operating System of 2.2 or greater. The game is available in version 1.1. European Roulette has a content rating of Medium Maturity on Google Play, and a file size of 18M.

When you load your game, you will hear a female voice say “Welcome to European Roulette.” The game menu has five buttons including Game, Options, Extra Credits, More Games, and About. When you click on the About button it reveals that the game was developed an published by VIS Services. The Options button allows you to control the game's music and sound effects by moving a sliding bar to turn sound and effects up or down.

When you click on the start button, a Roulette table with the betting area will appear. A female voice will prompt you to “Place your bets, please.” You have a certain amount of time to place a bet before the game will not allow you to do so. When the female voice announces, “No more bets, please,” You will not be able to wager until the next turn. You have about 25 seconds to place your bet.


Chip denominations in the game include 1, 2, 5, 10, 25. and 100. After you place your bet by clicking on a chip and placing it on the table, a pop up box appears allowing you to know the maximum bet allowed for the type of wager you have made. Four buttons appear in the upper right corner including Spin, Double, Clear, and Rebet. When you spin, the betting area shifts and makes room for the Roulette wheel to appear.

Along the lower edge of the game screen you will find the betting chips, the amount of credits you have, what you have won, and the time remaining for you to place a bet. In the upper left corner of the game window is a menu button, options button, and a history bar revealing the last seven winning numbers/colors. Piano music plays quietly in the background. When the Roulette wheel appears, a smaller window appears next to it showing a close up version of the winning pocket/number.

You can download European Roulette by Betforyou at Google Play free. You can also get the free app at AppBrain.com.