Enjoy Win A Day’s La Roulette Free Online

Win A Day's La Roulette is an exciting virtual game that relies on a Flash-based application. You do not need special software to access the game. You need a network connection and a browser with a Flash plug-in to play. In the demo version of the game, you get 10,000 free credits to play the game. You can play up to 1000 rounds.

Along the right upper corner of the game window are a variety of mouse driven controls. You can turn the sound on and off, play the game in full screen, and the button with a pair of cherries on it will open up the pay chart when you click on it. The button with the number 100 and a curved arrow will allow you to set up auto play features in La Roulette. The button with a question mark as an icon reveal game help.

What's really cool about La Roulette is that the Roulette wheel has unique features. In fact, the Roulette wheel actually consists of five wheels in one and you can bet on one to five of the wheels at one time. To place a bet you must choose a virtual chip and place it on the betting area. If you want to bet on additional wheels, you can click on the wheel button on the left corner of the game table and place an additional bet. Once you are done placing your bets, you can click on the spin button in the right corner of the game structure. A zoom area appears next to the Roulette wheel revealing the wheel's compartments close up. A history tracker is on the left side of the game screen so you can keep track of hot and cold numbers.


The autoplay feature in La Roulette allows you to set the wheel to spin five, ten, 25, 50, or 100 times automatically. You can place inside bets and outside bets, including a straight, split, street, trio, corner, six line, and top line bet, as well as bets on numbers 1 through 18, 19 through 36, red or black, even or odd, and dozens or columns. The maximum overall table bet is 1000 credits per wheel that you bet on, however, there are also limits set on specific types of bets.

You can play Win A Day's La Roulette Free at Win A Day Casino. You can also play the game free at CasinoListings.com.