Enjoy Playtech’s European Roulette Free Online

Just like Playtech's version of American Roulette, the game developer's version of European Roulette is exquisite in terms of design and overall gaming dynamics. The graphics in the game are so realistic that you will be hard pressed not to feel like you are standing right in front of a physical Roulette table in a gambling establishment. The music playing in the background and authentic sound effects also makes Playtech's European Roulette an exciting and fast paced game to play.

The game has a minimum bet of £1 and a maximum bet of up to £200, depending upon the type of wager you place. You can bet on a single number, column, dozen, pair, street, corner, or line. The payout table is accessible through the virtual table limit card.

The European Roulette wheel has a single zero compartment. The Roulette wheel is in the upper left corner of the game screen – the betting area and table are positioned diagonally. However, in the upper left corner is a button with a camera icon that allows you to change the view of the table. When you change the view of the table, the spinning Roulette wheel is repositioned into the middle of the game screen and the betting area is below the Roulette wheel. In the latter described view, the Roulette wheel is larger and easier to see, so there is no zoom window revealing the pocket that the ball lands in – in the default position with the diagonal table, a zoom table appears right next to the Roulette Wheel.


This game allows you to alter the color of the table to a color most appealing, whether you like dark blue, red, or green. There are three different background “music selections you can choose from when you select the options button at the top right portion of the screen. The music files include titles like “Voyage to Chill,” “Violent Sun,” and “Elegant Breeze.” The game allows you to turn on and off the music, sound effects, and dealer's voice if you desire. If you are interested in a fast play version, you can change the settings under options. In fast play, you do not have to wait for the Roulette wheel to spin – instead you get immediate results as if the wheel has been spun.

You can play Playtech's version of European Roulette free at CasinoListings.com. You can also play the game free at King Solomons Casino Online.