Enjoy Playtech’s American Roulette With Exquisite Graphics

Playtech is the creator behind many spectacular online casino games and the game developer's version of American Roulette is no exception when it comes to quality imagery and sound effects. American Roulette is a Flash-based application. You can play the game online free, without having to download special software. The game is also available at cash casinos supported by Playtech software.

The American Roulette game is beautifully designed. The official game title is “Premiere American Roulette.” In the upper left corner of the game window next to the Roulette wheel are three mouse driven buttons. The camera button allows you to change up the view of the betting area and the Roulette table. The paint brush allows you to alter the color of the virtual Roulette table's surface. You get a choice between dark blue, the default setting, and rich red or dark green. The button with two curved arrows on it allows you to change the direction of the spinning wheel.

In this particular Roulette game, there is a table limit card on the table's surface noting that the minimum bet is £1 and the maximum bet is £20 – however, beneath the information is a “detail” link. When you click on it you can see full table limits and payouts. The game has auto play features as well – you can set the game to spin five, ten, 25, or 50 times as you desire.


In regard to the type of bets you can place when you play, the game allows for range bets, or wagers on red/black, odd/eve, pairs, quadrants, and single numbers. The minimum bet on a straight up bet that pays 35:1 is £1 and the maximum bet is £20. A split bet that pays 17:1 has a minimum bet of £1 and a maximum bet of £40. A street bet pays 11:1 and has a maximum bet of £60. A corner bet pays 8:1 and has a maximum bet of £80. A five bet pays 6:1 and has a maximum bet of £100. A line bet pays 5:1 and has a maximum bet of £120. A column/dozen bet pays 2:1 and has a maximum bet of 400. Betting on range bets like 1-18 or 19 through 36 pays 1:1 and has a maximum bet limit of £200.

You an play Premiere American Roulette free at Casinolistings.com. You can also play free at King Solomon's Casino online.