Play Hours Of Free Roulette Online With SimBat Roulette

SimBat Roulette is a free Roulette option with a beautiful design. The game layout is attractive and the Roulette gaming table has a rich blue color. The betting area on the board is easy on the eyes and you get several chip denominations to wager with, including green £0.10, blue £0.50, purple £2.00, and orange £10.00 casino chips. The minimum bet in SimBat Roulette is £0.10 and the maximum bet is £10.00 per spin. When you play the game, you begin gaming with £10.00 in free game credits.

SimBat Roulette allows for a variety of betting options. You can bet on numbers 1 through 18 or 19 through 36, thereby wagering on 18 numbers with one wager. The payout for such a bet if you win is 1:1. You can also wager on even or odd or red or black. The payout for the latter bet is 1:1. You have the option of making a dozen bet on the first, second, or third set of 12 numbers. The payout for a winning dozen bet is 2:1. Alternatively, you can make one of three column bets. The column bets appear on the betting table as “2 to 1.” The payout for a column bet is the same payout as a dozen bet.

When placing a bet in SimBat Roulette, you can place a six line bet with a payout of 5:1, a corner bet with a payout of 8:1, a street bet with a payout of 11:1, a split up wager with a payout of 17:1, or a straight up bet with a payout of 35:1. This Roulette game allows for Series, Spiel, Orphelins, and Neighbor bets as well.


Along the edge of the betting table, you will see mouse driven controls for spinning the Roulette wheel and clearing your bet to place a new bet. Next to the mouse driven controls, you will see two boxes indicating your total bet and any winnings you get from playing. The Roulette wheel in the game is European style with a single zero compartment. Along the bottommost edge of the game screen, there is an info button that explains all the rules of game play. Thus, SimBat Roulette is ideal for beginners and skilled Roulette players alike.

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