Free Grand Roulette Has Spectacular Graphics

Grand Roulette is a free version of Roulette that you can enjoy online. The game requires no special software to play. All you need is a browser with a Flash-based plug in to enjoy the game. This game hosts a European style Roulette wheel with a single zero compartment. The minimum wager in the game is $1.00. The maximum bet you can place per spin is $500.00. When you play the game, you start out with $999.00 in free credits. The wagering chip denominations in Grand Roulette include $1.00, $5.00, $25.00, and $100.00.

The Grand Roulette game online has splendid graphics. The virtual table looks precisely like a Roulette table that you would encounter in a brick and mortar establishment. The surface of the betting table is pine green. The individual numbers on the betting area are in red, black, and white. The betting area has a light yellow outline. The entire table and the Roulette wheel are surrounded by a virtual wood border.

The game logo is above the Roulette table. Just below the game logo, you can see your total bet. Next to the game logo is a history tracker so you can track hot and cold numbers. Beside the virtual table are two virtual seats. A table limit card sits next to the virtual Roulette wheel. The game looks incredibly realistic to ensure total game immersion when you play.


Running along the bottom edge of the game screen from left to right, there are three buttons including “Games,” “Rules,” and “Back to Site,” but these buttons are inoperative. The virtual chips are next to the three buttons, and a small white arrow indicates what chip the mouse pointer is point at as well. You can see the remaining funds you have in your account right next to the betting chips. Next to the funds indicator, you will see three brown buttons. The mouse driven buttons that you can use to control the game include the manual spin button, clear bet button, and repeat bet button. When you spin the Roulette wheel, you can hear the ball move around the wheel and land in the compartment. A male voice announces the color, number, and whether the number is even or odd. The same information appears in text form just below the game logo.

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