Roulette Korea Is Roulette Gaming With A Simple Layout

Roulette Korea is a fun and free game you can use to hone your Roulette playing skills. You do not need special software to play the game. You need a browser with a Flash plug in to enjoy Roulette Korea. When the game loads in your browser, you will see a blurred depiction of a Roulette table with a black and yellow start button superimposed on it. Next to the table is a cartoon characterized male wearing a white shirt, black vest, and red bow tie. The man holds his hands out toward the left of the screen and seemingly point to the GameWorld logo. When you hover your mouse pointer over the start button, the word “Start” animates and you hear a beeping sound.

The layout of Roulette Korea is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. The backdrop of the game is a dark green color. A single zero European Roulette wheel is in the upper left hand corner. In the right hand corner you will see the word “Roulette” in fancy lettering. Below the word “Roulette” you will see your current score, the amount of your bet, and the amount of any winnings you receive. Just below all of the latter mentioned information, you will see four different betting chips. The chip denominations in Roulette Korea include $500, $100, $25, and $5. The minimum bet in the game is $5.00. The maximum bet is what you have in your account.

Just below the chips you use for placing wagers, you will see two buttons. The mouse driven buttons include repeat bets and clear bets. The betting area on the virtual table hosts individual numbers in black, red, and white. When you hover your mouse pointer over any place in the betting area, the area is highlighted in yellow to show you the bet you are placing. To place a bet, you click on the chip you desire and then click your mouse on any place in the betting area.


The Roulette wheel rests on a light green circle in the game screen. The wheel has gold spokes and alternating red and black compartments, each of which hosts a number. The zero on the wheel is green. To set the wheel into motion, you have to click on it.

Roulette Korea is available free at, but you can also access the game free at FunnyGames.Asia and