Play Realistically-Styled Virtual Roulette With Roulette EU

Roulette EU is a free online game offering by PowerLounge Casino. This game gives you €50.00 for game play. The chip denominations in the game are €1, €5, €25, and €100. You will find the virtual chips in the lower right corner of the game window. To use the chips, you must click on the chip you desire. The virtual chip will light up when active. Once you click on any chip, you can click on any betting area to place your wager. When you hover your mouse over the betting area, different bet options light up to indicate what kind of bet you are placing.

In Roulette EU, you can see the last four hot numbers, cold numbers, and a tracking board in the upper right hand corner of the game screen. Odd, Even, and Zero statistics are also located in the right corner and are revealed in percentages. The Roulette wheel spins in the upper left corner of the game screen. The surface of the table is a rich, deep, black color. When you click the spin button, the Roulette wheel zooms in and fills the middle of the game screen.

When you are playing Roulette EU, you will see your account balance in the lower left corner of the game window. Beneath your account balance, there is information about the chip value you have selected, the total bet, and any winnings you receive following a spin. Next to all of the latter-mentioned information, you will see several mouse driven game controls. The buttons for use in Roulette EU include Spin, Quick Spin, Rebet, and Clear Bet. If you click on the Quick Spin button, it gives you a view of the Roulette wheel with the ball already in a compartment so you don’t have to wait for the Roulette wheel to spin through to completion.


Along the bottommost edge of the game is a dark colored bar hosting your win balance, current account balance, a menu button, and a button you can hit if you decide you want to play with real money later on in the future. A button for controlling the sounds is next to the menu button. You get an array of betting options with Roulette EU. In addition to standard wagers, you can bet Series, Orphians, and Zero Game bets.

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