Play Free Roulette With Superior 3D Graphics

Roulette is a free app by Dumadu Games. The app is compatible with Android mobile devices. Roulette requires download to your device and has a file size of 14M. This app is available in version 1.2 and you must have an operating system of 2.3.3 or greater to play. The app has a low maturity content rating on Google Play.

If you appreciate Roulette with 3D graphics, great sound effects, and smooth gaming dynamics, you’ll come to appreciate Dumadu’s Roulette app. The application gives you a real casino feel, and you can play one of three Roulette game types including French, European, and American. The app has a drag and drop bet chip system for ease of game play.

Dumadu’s Roulette supplies you with a free daily bonus when you load the game. You must choose one pile from six piles of casino chips to get your bonus. When you choose a pile of chips, your bonus is revealed to you instantly. After choosing your bonus, you have to X out of the bonus to launch the game menu. You will see a woman standing in front of a Roulette wheel, and three buttons including Play, Settings, and Help. With the settings button, you can control the volume of the sound effects and music. With the Help button, you can review the game objective, betting tips, and advice on how to use the application.


The app gives you 5000 free credits plus your daily bonus winnings to begin free play. Along the upper edge of the game window there are several buttons, including a stats button, a friends button, and a trophy button. You will see your funds in the upper left hand corner of the game screen. When you hit play, you must choose the type of Roulette you desire. Chip denominations for wagering include 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100. The Roulette wheel is large and easy on the eyes.

Along the upper edge of the game window, you will see your funds, the amount you have won, the amount of your bet, and the remainder of your funds. The betting area of the table is colorful, attractively designed, and easy to navigate. You can enjoy full game immersion due to the fantastic sound and visual effects in Dumadu’s Roulette app.

You can get Roulette free at You can also download the app free at Google Play.