How Do I Know If I Can Use My Bonuses For Roulette Games?

As you know, some casinos limit the action that you can play when received as a bonus or promotional perks. This means that not all bonus action you receive may be able to be played on roulette games on the site. If you are a major roulette gamer and don’t indulge in a lot of side games like blackjack, baccarat, poker or slots this could be a downside for you. Having bonus action available for roulette games is important. So, how do you know if you can use your bonus promotional bankroll for roulette games on any given site? It’s easy.

Read The Terms And Conditions For Any Bonuses You Receive

Sure, we know, nobody enjoys reading all the fine print on an offer. We see free casino money offers and want to dive in too. However, if you are looking specifically for bonuses for roulette games, and no other type of casino games on site, you will definitely want to read the terms and conditions. Typically you can scan through to find the words “play through” or “restrictions” to find what you are looking for. Game play restrictions may say that you can only use the bonus promotional bucks on slots, or video poker, of certain other games on the site. Often you will find that the restrictions say what games it cannot be used on, rather than what games it can be used on, so read carefully. Sadly, roulette is often a game that will NOT be included in many generic bonuses.


Why Are Play Through Terms Important To Roulette Gamers?

Play through is just as important as restricted and allowed games for bonuses. The reason for this is that while roulette gaming may be allowed with your bonus, the play through terms will let you know if you can claim any winnings just on roulette. Often, the play through will hang that up. Here’s why. Although the casino may allow you to use bonus funds to play roulette games on their site, they may require that you have to wager a play through on slots, poker, or another casino game in order to claim any winnings on your bonuses. So, what this means is you may have to play games other than roulette in order to cash out any winnings you have from roulette bonus play.