Fun Facts About The History Of Roulette

Gambling and betting have been part of our global history for as far back as we can track. It is the love of the roulette game in the Royal French court which gives us the name “roulette” which translates in French to “little wheel”. This is a fun fact that you can share with your online gaming pals, and see what else they might know about the history of this popular game. Now, how about we up your game with some additional fun facts you can share.

Blaise Pascal Has Been Credited With The Creation Of Roulette

Although stories vary, one that is considered reliable is that A French mathematician and all around renaissance man touted as a physicist, inventor and Catholic philosopher as well – was the inventor of the roulette game. Pascal was known as a child prodigy who loved gaming and averages and was tasked with creating a perpetual motion machine that spinned a large wheel during his experiments. The tale is that Pascal’s friend introduced a version of this wheel at French Court as roulette for gambling.


Francois Blanc Has Been Credited With The Creation Of Roulette

The other reputable story that surfaces time and again involved another Frenchman this one named Francois Blanc. He is known to have founded the first casinos in Monte Carlo in the 18th century and legend tells he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the creation of the “little wheel”. To help support this legend, proponents of the Francois Blanc theory note that the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel is 666, the number of the devil.

What Other Fun Facts Are To Be Found About Roulette Gaming?

Roulette has a long and fascinating history, rife with legends of deals with the devil and marvelous mechanical spinning contraptions. You can learn about where the first roulette casino was opened, when the first games hit the American casinos, and how the news of roulette’s popularity spread. You can also learn about how roulette was adapted to a virtual wheel for online game play and which casinos offered this virtual gaming environment for roulette first on the web. However, we simply share these few fun facts with you so that you may impress and titillate the adventurous minds of your friends who play this some think, devilish, game online with you.