What Is Russian Roulette And Will I Find It Online?

The other day in talking about roulette games with friends we were asked if there was a table game called Russian Roulette. Well, there is but you won’t find it in any reliable casino or reputable online gaming venue. You see, Russian roulette is a game that you play with guns, not balls and wheels. In Russian Roulette games a pistol is typically loaded with players who sit around a table. Depending on a card game, roll of the dice, or other random ordering, players must at their turn place the gun at their head and pull the trigger. There is one bullet in the chamber and the roulette aspect of the game comes when the loser gets the bullet. As you can see, this is not a game you would find at most casinos, so it was kind of an ironic thing when a friend of ours was wondering about Russian Roulette in the same vein as French Roulette. These are very different worlds, and we recommend that you stick to the table games.

Can You Find Russian Roulette Online?


Sure, you can find most practices online in some way, shape or form. We have no doubt that there are video games that even some kids may encounter which feature Russian Roulette gaming ala pistol to the head in them. There are probably casino game variants in some twisted parts of the net, and if you visit the digital underground you can most likely wager on streaming Russian Roulette games where you wager on which player at the table is going to eat the bullet and lose against all odds. Still, it isn’t something we recommend you do. Instead, we prefer to stick to casino gaming that is safe for everyone.

Alternatives To Playing Russian Roulette

There are many roulette gaming alternatives to the Russian Version. Our favorites are American and European Roulette games which you can find plenty of at reputable online casino gambling destinations. Many sites even offer these games, or Mini Roulette (which has fewer numbers in play) for free play options, or demo mode options where you can wager fun money instead of real cash money. It is important to note that we know of no roulette wheel game in any responsible casino that calls itself Russian. This is just not the same thing as the games we play and love.