Do You Play Roulette With A Superstitious Game Strategy?

Many people carry a lucky charm, but it that really a good roulette strategy? This week we wanted to share the various types of superstition that can permeate your game play. Then you can decide if they help you win at the roulette tables, or virtual games online or if they are just poppycock as some people suggest.

Do You Use A Roulette Lucky Charm?

For some people this is a rabbit foot. For others, it is a piece of clothing like a sports player often wears one dirty sock that go them the homerun. For roulette gamers it is often a special chip that they won in a previous game.


Do You Use Roulette Impulse Calls?

Impulse calls are a kind of superstitious gaming strategy, where the color is usually a main focus. You feel that you should call red or black because you see a lot of the color around you, see a red glow on the wheel, or so on.

Do You Use Roulette Lucky Numbers?

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The superstition comes in when you feel that a certain number or combination of numbers has significance. It may be a birthdate, a number that you won on before, or the number of people wearing red you passed on the way to the tables, which brings in other superstitious behaviours as well. Most people who use one of these superstitious behaviours for roulette game play strategy do not have just one.

Do You Pray To The Roulette Gods?

This behavior is considered magical rather than religious which puts it square into the superstitious strategy category. Whether you pray to your God or a roulette god, or an entire pantheon of them many gamblers use the power of prayer as a strategy to win at roulette.

So, What If You Do Use Superstitious Roulette Strategies?

It’s no big thing. Many people do. The main thing is to not be disappointed when your rabbit foot doesn’t bring you the win, and to remember that playing roulette is an entertainment and not a life strategy for income for most. Superstition permeates our world, and it is likely you practice one of these types of game strategy without even thinking about it much. If you don’t, that’s okay too. There is no evidence either way that any of these strategies work except faith which is subjective.