Who Knew Physics Pairs Well With Roulette Gaming?

One of the things we do as die-hard roulette gaming fans is surf the net for news. According to an article posted in March of this year on the Roulette For Fun site, researchers feel that using the science of physics can help players roulette strategy – even if they aren’t really scientifically minded. So, what’s with this physics and roulette connection?

University Of Western Australia Suggests Physics Can Result In Wins

The article shares that, “A recent study conducted by the University of Western Australia suggests that a simple physics model, as communicated in a computer program, will result in a roulette winning ratio of 18 percent, as opposed to the -2.7 percent ratio typically achieved by players.” This is a phenomenal leap in wins and caught our attention as you can imagine. The two researchers in the study who spearheaded this attention grabbing news were Michasl Small, a mathematician and his colleage Dr. Chi Kong Tse. So, how did they arrive at this conclusion?


A Computer Program Helps Calculate Ball Drop

The researchers Small and Chi Kong Tse used a computer program to calculate where the roulette ball would cease to bounce after a spin. In other words when the ball would drop. This helped the two researchers discern which location the ball would land in when it stopped moving by gauging which wheel deflector was hit. By looking at these variables, Small feels it is “entirely possible to accurately pinpoint the velocity of the ball”. This is important as the velocity of the ball (there’s your physics) can help ascertain final results of the spin (there’s your win).

How Does This Affect The Average Roulette Player?

As a curiosity only, and currently there isn’t a practical application of this model of game play. However, Small has plans to develop a smartphone app which could help players estimate ball position when they play roulette and obtain the winning numbers. Many legal issues would arise if this app were in play, and it is likely that casinos would ban such a roulette assist in their casinos. However, this is one way you can share with your kids that science, particularly physics can affect you in real life – it can affect your entertainment and potential casino wins. It’s also a fun fact to share with your other roulette gaming pals online – who knew?!