What’s The Difference Between European And American Roulette?

This is a question we often get from new online roulette players who may see all sort of roulette gaming titles. One easy to clear up misconception is that French Roulette is something different than European Roulette. The truth is these games are the same. So, what is the difference between the two main roulette styles you will find online? Read on to learn the differences between European and American Roulette games.

It All Comes Down To The Zero Slots

European Roulette, often called French Roulette, has one zero slots. American Roulette has the double zero slot. Having a double zero slot on the roulette wheel greatly increases the house advantage. So, many players prefer European Roulette which decreases the house advantage and places it in the purview of the player instead.


What Other Types Of Roulette Games Will I Encounter Online?

There are several online roulette games which have been adapted for the virtual playing field which you will never, ever, find in a brick and mortar casino. One such games is three wheel roulette. In this online only version of the popular table game you will actually spin three wheels in one game for the same bet. So, you have two additional opportunities to win, but also two additional opportunities to lose. A good way to think about this is like the max bet on slots games if you are familiar with them. Another game you will frequently encounter online is called mini roulette. Mini roulette is a reduced version of European Roulette that has just 12 numbers instead of the traditional 36, hence the “mini”. You can find mini roulette in a board game form for home game play.

What Else Should I Know About Roulette Gaming Online?

There are several other names of roulette you will encounter on the web, and many are for virtual game play only, but well worth a look. Most sites offer nice tips and strategies sections, or at the least a how to variety of game rules or guidelines. When encountering a new style of roulette we recommend taking advantage of casino free play options to learn the game before you actually wager and place your bet. That way you can work out any kinks or misconceptions before risking your real cash money bets and thereby maximize your wins at the virtual roulette wheel.