Invite Your Friends To Play Your Favorite Roulette Games

With social media taking over the net, and most digital communications, the world of refer a friend bonuses has really opened up. Now, not only can you gain referral bonuses on your close friends who you see every day in your daily living, but you can also gain bonuses from friends around the globe who you have only ‘met’ on sites like Facebook and Twitter or Google Plus. So, how can you capitalize on these online friendships and boost your roulette bankroll?

Choose Roulette Sites With Referral Link Options

Some sites will have an online form that you can use to invite friends, and that is all well and good. However, you may not have Facebook friend emails. Instead, what you have is your wall or timeline to post on. By positing a casino referral link for roulette games on your timeline you aren’t spamming anyone. You are simply sharing your love of the game and putting it out there than anyone who may want to earn some free casino money and play roulette games can click through. This avoids accidental reports of your invitation as spam and keeps you in good standing with the casinos. You can do the same thing with a Twitter post, but remember this is shorter so you may want to use a service like bitly to reduce the actual casino referral link down to something manageable that allows you to talk up the casino and what fun roulette games are there.


Consider Starting A Facebook Page About Roulette

Another way to maximize referrals is to start a Facebook page about roulette games. If you know a lot about tips, strategies, or are surfing out these game play options on the web and are willing to share them with others, then a community page may be your ticket to bonus bucks galore. Many online Facebook pages share information about gaming online, and you can insert your referral links into the posts periodically. These pages are public, so not only can you get referrals from your own Timeline friends, but from the public out there that likes your page and follows the post. This is an often underused strategy for players who really want to boost their bankroll, but also have a talent for writing and sharing casino tips via social media networking activities like Facebook pages.