The Features Of Real Time Gaming’s European Roulette

Real Time Gaming’s European Roulette hosts a strikingly similar design when compared to the company’s American Roulette software. However, there are some subtle differences between the two games. The European Roulette game has 37 compartments while the American version hosts 38 compartments. Thus, Real Time Gaming’s European Roulette only hosts a single zero (0) compartment and does away with the double zero (00) compartment in American Roulette.

The European Roulette game has the same $0.25 minimum wager and $250 maximum wager on inside and outside bets. The coin default value in the game is $2.00. Chip denominations in the game include $1, $5, $25, and $100 respectively. The table has a rich red surface. The wheel has black and red compartments with random odd and even numbers on every color. The single zero (0) compartment is in green colors. The numbers on the betting area are easy to view.

The virtual presentation of the game is definitely pleasing. You can see the entire span of the virtual table and the gaming developer sets the background to look like a real casino with grey carpeting. The betting minimum and maximum indicator looks like a digital billboard in the center of the gaming screen along the uppermost edge of the betting area.


A Help button is in the upper left hand corner of the gaming window. If you click on it, easy and simplified instructions pop up in the middle of the game screen. Instructions include details on how to place and remove your bet. Whether you win or loss following a spin of the Roulette wheel, the value of your bet is indicated near a pile of chips on the left hand side of the game screen. If you win, the value of your win is indicated numerically. The current win amount on inside and outside bets is also on the left hand side of the game window.

Real Time Gaming’s European Roulette has realistic, casino-like sound effects. The game does not play background music so there are no distractions whatsoever during game play. A repeat button makes it easy to place the same bet over again. A clear button and a remove button allow you to change your bet before the wheel spins. Once the wheel spins, all bets are final.

You can play Real Time Gaming’s version of European Roulette at You can play for real cash at Club Player Casino.