Consider Hosting A Virtual Roulette Gaming Party This Summer

Many charities, churches and other non-profit organizations use casino gambling as a fun way to engage their membership while raising money for their cause. This casino gaming all in good fun typically takes place at a venue that is land based and where the membership is comfortable. We want you to consider taking this notion to heart with your friends and family, but in the virtual world. There are several benefits to holding a virtual roulette gaming party with a charitable cause at heart.

You can spend time with friends who live far away, and still enjoy their company through online roulette table game play and chat rooms. It’s simple to set up a time and a place for a meet online, and play the tables together. You may even want to schedule your virtual roulette gaming party around some tournament action.

If you have an end goal of donating your play time winnings to a charitable cause, you will have to rely on the honor system. Unfortunately, while there are online bingo halls that offer direct charitable giving of your wins, there aren’t any online casinos that have roulette set up for this that we know of. So, be clear about where the donations are to go, and ensure that everyone lets the host of the virtual roulette party know when they have sent them off to the cause.


A virtual roulette gaming party is great in the summer as many charitable causes have runs, and drives in either the spring or fall months with the hot heat of summer keeping people inside, or at the beach. So, by hosting a virtual roulette charitable event you can keep inside your cool, air-conditioned homes and apartments, yet still gather together in the digital world to raise some money for a good cause while having fun. We have held some lucrative virtual roulette gaming parties with a one week span for players to get their funds in to the charity.

Sending checks individually, or having one person collect them both have advantages and you will need to decide which option works best for you. The great thing about charitable virtual casino parties is you can engage a truly international membership rather than just collect funds from local people to engage your cause. This gives you a much wider philanthropic reach through casino game play.

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