The Features Of Net Entertainment’s Roulette Pro

Net Entertainment developed Roulette Pro. The game hosts an exquisite, real casino design and makes Roulette gaming in a virtual environment exciting, enticing, and fun. The minimum wager in the game is €1. The maximum wager in the game is €500. A minimum and maximum wager table card indicator is on the virtual table near the betting area.

The Roulette wheel spins in a clockwise direction as the ball spins in a counter clockwise direction. Upon the next spin, the wheel changes and spins in a counter clockwise direction and the ball spins in a clockwise direction. Roulette Pro gaming regulations are the same as those in European Roulette. The wheel hosts 37 pockets. All pockets but one are either red or black. Random numbers appear on every pocket. The single green pocket is a single zero (0) pocket.

In Roulette Pro you can set whether you listen to audio or not. You can turn sound effects on and off. You can control the background music. This game has fast play and quick spin features. You can click on “special bets” under the customization tool to set up special betting too. You can set neighboring bets from zero to nine. Special bets include red splits, black splits, Orphelin Plein, Finale Plein 0, Finale Plein 1, and Finale Plein 2 bets.


In the left hand corner of the game window, you can see the last five hot numbers. Just below the hot numbers are the last five cold numbers. Beneath the hot and cold numbers information, you can see percentages for outcomes related to odd numbers, even numbers, red wins, and black wins. You can set the wheel to spin automatically. The auto play feature allows a setting between 100 and 1000. In the lower left hand corner there is a button with a question mark on it. Clicking on the button allows you to access the game’s rules.

You have a same bet, spin, and clear bet button to control the game. Beneath the buttons, there is a status bar revealing your cash balance, bet amount, and win amount. Virtual chips are available in the lower right hand corner of the game window ranging in denomination from 1 to 100. Hovering your mouse over the betting area allows you to preview betting limits for specific wagers.

You can play Roulette Pro at free. You can play for real cash at Mr Green Casino.