Playing Real Time Gaming’s American Roulette

Real Time Gaming’s American Roulette is one of the most popular Roulette gaming variants online. The game has a minimum bet of $2.00 and a maximum bet of $250.00. The betting minimum and maximum is for inside and outside bets. The default coin value in this particular game is two (2) coins. The game is a single player option. There are a total of thirty-eight (38) compartments or pockets on the Roulette wheel. The wheel hosts a zero (0) and double zero (00) compartment. The gaming developer first offered the game in the early half of the year 2010.

In American Roulette by Real Time Gaming, you get several different coin denominations including one (1), five (5), twenty-five (25), one hundred (100), and five hundred (500). This game has spectacular graphics, sounds, animations, and features. When you place chips on the betting area anywhere on the table, you can hear the light clicking of the chips as they clack together. When you click on the spin button, you can hear the ball as it rolls around on the spinning Roulette wheel. A history tracker is located on the right hand side of the gaming screen, directly opposite of the Roulette wheel. You can use the information to figure out hot and cold numbers as you play.

Real Time Gaming’s American Roulette has a repeat button. You can use it to place the same bet repeatedly. As long as you have enough casino credits, the game software places the same bet instantly. After you click on the repeat button, you can click on the spin button to spin the Roulette wheel manually. A clear all button and remove button are available for when you want to change your bet amounts. Once the wheel is in motion, you cannot change your wager.


The virtual Roulette table in this game is exquisite in terms of color. The table surface has a rich brick red color. All letters and numbers on the table’s surface are in large, white, easy to read font. Chips are in full color when active and dim or turn grey when they are no longer available to you. Your account balance is on the left hand side of the gaming window along with information on inside and outside bet amounts.

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