Get Roulette Time On Your Mobile Device

Roulette Time is a gaming app developed for Android devices. The gaming developer of this app is Tidda Games. Roulette Time is a casino simulator with colorful graphics and cool sound effects. The game is ideal for passing the time or developing your gaming strategy. This app comes complete with a leader board to so you can challenge yourself to make it to the top of the board.

Roulette Time was last updated on January 26, 2013. The current version available is the 1.0.8 version. Previously available in versions 1.0.3 and 1.0.7, this game has received minor bug fixes and repairs to a fixed bet issue in version 1.0.3. Roulette Time has a file size of 3.4M. The game has a medium maturity rating. This app is compatible with all devices that have an Android operating system of 1.5 and up.

The game menu of Roulette Time is easy to use. You get five buttons including a button for play, settings, leaderboard, stats, and help. The menu is a light green color with light green buttons. The game board has a green colored backdrop. Along the bottom edge of the betting area is information about wins, credits, and your bet. A spin button and a bet button are available. Virtual chips are available in different denominations.


Roulette Time has European Roulette regulations. The wheel has 37 pockets with a single zero (0) compartment. Once you place your bet the wheel appears superimposed over the betting area. A white ball moves around until it lands in a red, black, or the single green pocket.

In terms of permissions, Roulette Time is a gaming app requiring Full Internet Access so that the app can create network sockets. The app needs to view your network state, and it also needs to access information about your Wi-Fi state. In addition, this app has to view your location, your phone status, and identity, and it must be able to modify your storage on your mobile device.

Reviewers of Roulette Time appreciate the simplicity of the game’s layout. Some players call the game addictive. The gaming developer, Tidda Games is a division of Tarkik Solutions. The game is ad supported so you can play it for free.

If you rather wager on Roulette, you can play for real cash at Mr Green Casino. You can get Roulette Time free at Google Play.