What Happens To My Expiring Bonus Points If I Don’t Use Them?

If you are looking for this answer, and got to our blog, you probably have some online casino bonus points about to expire. Whether you play roulette, slots or bingo, you may be wondering just where those points go if you don’t use them by the expiration date. This is a legitimate question. I mean, if you were to play them you can exchange your bonus points for free casino play, or in rare instances real cash money. So, if something prevents you from using them before they expire where on earth in the digital world do your expiring bonus points go?

The Answer Is Simple – They Just Disappear – Don’t Let Them

That’s right, you were thinking maybe there was a hotel for lost bonus points or something, huh? Nope. If you do not use your expiring casino bonus points before the time elapses, they just disappear. Gone. No More. They drift off into the digital abyss as if they were never there. You cannot reclaim them at a later date, and they will not magically reappear in your account no matter how many emails, faxes or instant chats you send to the casino operator staff. If you do not use your bonus points before they expire, then the casino just absorbs them like fish flowing through water and you will never see them again. So, don’t let them disappear.


Why Do Casinos Have Expiration Dates For Bonus Points?

Bonus points are a loyalty scheme, the casino uses them to draw the player in and keep them loyally playing the site. The key here is loyalty – bonus points are given for repeat business, and if you are not continually going back to the site to play any bonus points earned may expire. When you think of it from the business end it makes sense. Why continue to tally and host bonuses for people who are not coming back to play. That said, we have occasionally found that if you politely inquire to customer service within 7 days of the expiry date that sometimes they will gift them back to you if you have made a deposit onto the account. This has been our experience, and it has been rare. We cannot say that your points will magically appear (with a little push) in your account, so don’t let them expire.