Why Should I Refer My Friends To My Favorite Roulette Sites?

So, you are worried about being one of those annoying people who spams others email inboxes with offers to casinos? Does this have you hesitant to invite your friends to play your favorite online casinos and collect some sweet bonus action for yourself? Friend referrals can be done in a way that is non-obtrusive and won’t annoy your friends. You should refer your friends to your favorite online roulette casino gambling venues as it will benefit you and it will benefit you with plenty of bonus action.

Skip The Form Invite And Send A Targeted Email

One of the simplest ways to not become that annoying casino offer spammer is to be polite and considerate when you refer your friends to your favorite online casino for roulette. If you send an email it will come from your email address which should be recognizable if your friend is really a friend. You can also control the subject line and instead of just a free casino money blurb, put something like Thought Of You When I Saw This, Sallie, or whatever your friends name may be. Using email you can also slyly tack your referral link onto another personal email. For example, we recently had to send out an email about a Girl Scout promotion that the troop was having. At the end we put a link that said something along the lines of, Mom’s if you want to relax and kick back while your kids are earning badges, we love this new mobile casino app, and then our referral link. Of course this ‘kill two birds with one stone’ option only works if you have a receptive audience. You probably wouldn’t want to put the casino link in you general church mailer, but we knew many of the mom’s in our troop play casino games online and would not take offense at the invite.


You Get Bonuses, Your Friend Gets Bonuses, Everybody Wins

Really, why wouldn’t you invite your friends to play your favorite online roulette haunt? You get bonuses, and they get bonuses when they respond in the affirmative. This is one RSVP that doesn’t make you have to send or give a gift, but instead gives you one. So, what are you waiting for? Invite or refer your friends to your favorite online roulette sites without any further delay.