Playing Playtech’s Newar Roulette Is Tons Of Fun For Games

Newar Roulette is a new version of Roulette offered by Playtech. In this game, you can change the screen view of the Roulette table by clicking on the camera icon in the upper left hand corner. The first camera view presents the Roulette table diagonally and the Roulette wheel toward the upper left hand corner of the gaming window. The second option presents the Roulette table horizontally and the Roulette wheel right above it. Read on to learn more about the exciting features and options that are housed within this Playtech Newar Roulette gaming package, and then find a casino where you can play this fun game.

Learn How You Can Customize Your Game Play With Newar Roulette Gaming

Newar Roulette has easy customizations too. If you click on the paintbrush icon in the upper right hand corner, you can change the color of the betting table from red, to green, to blue. In addition, a small icon below the paintbrush allows you to change the direction the Roulette wheel spins. The virtual chips are in $0.01, $0.10, $1.00, $5.00, and $10.00 denominations. The minimum wager is $1.00 and the maximum wager is $20.00 for straight up bets.


What Sort Of Bets Can I Expect To Encounter When Playing Newar Roulette Games?

If you are betting split bets, the maximum wager is $40.00. For street bets, the maximum wager is $60.00. For corner bets, the maximum wager is $80.00. For line bets, the maximum wager is $120.00. For even/odd, column/dozen, red and black bets, the maximum wager is $400.00. When betting on 1-18, 19-36, red/black, even/odd, the maximum wager is $200.00.

What Sort Of Controls Can I Expect To Encounter When Playing Newar Roulette?

Controls in the game include clear bet, double and spin, rebet and spin, rebet, spin, and stop. The game has controls so you can set it to autospin up to 50 times. If you click on the stats icon in the lower right hand corner on the player’s tool bar, a chart pops up and reveals the hot and cold numbers in graph form. You can even save your favorite bets for easier wagering.

Where Can I Play Newar Roulette Games Online For Free Or Real Cash Money?

You can get Newar Roulette online free at Paddy Power Casino. The game is also available free at