Playing Playtech’s Double Zero Roulette

Playtech developed Double Zero Roulette, an American version of the popular Roulette game that hosts a single zero and a double zero compartment on the wheel. The Roulette wheel has 38 compartments in all. Read on to learn more about game play, where you can find tutorials and learning helpers and where you can play Playtech’s Double Zero Roulette game online at casino venues and website.

How Does Game Play Work With Playtech’s Double Zero Roulette Game?

In the upper left hand corner you can see the wheel up close as it spins and where the ball lands. Beneath the wheel display, you can see how much you have bet and how much you have won. To the left of the window displaying a close up of the Roulette wheel is the tracking board so you can keep an eye on hot and cold combinations.


What Features Of This Roulette Game Play Make It A Fun Experience?

The ball will bounce around the wheel and will make sounds as it does. When it lands in a compartment, the female dealer announces the winning color and number combination. The Roulette wheel is in the right hand corner. If you enter into the game options via the gaming menu, you can set the game for fast play too. In the fast mode, you can place your bet and rather than waiting for the wheel to spin, a number and color combination are announced as if you had already spun the wheel.

What Do I Need To Know About Rules Of Game Play And Tutorials?

If you are new to the game of Roulette and you need help learning how to play, you can access the help submenu from the menu button on the lower right hand corner of the screen. Your browser will need to allow for pop ups so you can access gaming help files. You will find the game controls in this version of Roulette easy to use as well. You get a spin button, a rebet button, and a clear bet button if you want to start off your next bet with a fresh spin.

Where Can I Play Plautech’s Double Zero Roulette Games Online?

You can access Playtech’s Double Zero Roulette at The game is also free at Casino Lemonade. You can also find Double Zero Roulette games at other Playtech powered casinos.