Don’t Forget Your Friends When You Play Casino Roulette

In our last post we discussed how you can obtain free casino money when you take advantange of online casino new player bonuses, welcome offers, and new player sign on bonuses at online casino gambling venues. We also talked about how you can claim even more free casino money when you process match deposit bonuses and reload bonuses or take advantage of special promotions that will give you free casino money each and every time that you play the games you love. This week we want to talk about the value of friends, and by value of friends we mean from a social and emotional perspective as well as their value in cold hard cash when it comes to free casino money.

All Friends Are Not Created Equal – Find The Friends That Give You Joy

That’s right, in 2013, we want you to seek out the friends who give you the most joy. This doesn’t mean you have to ditch the rest, it just means that, well…some friends do have more value than others. Specifically with regard to your roulette gaming activities you want to identify your friends who are welcoming toward your online gambling habits, and especially those who also embrace the same online entertainment choices. These friends will have the most value for you in terms of free casino money.


How Can My Friends Get Me Free Casino Money For Roulette Games?

It’s pretty simple, actually. Your friends aren’t going to write you an entertainment check, but almost that good. You will use online casino programs to invite your friends to the casino. These refer a friend promotions allow both you and your friend to get added value from the casino in terms of casino money. Some promotions give you a flat fee when your friend joins. There may be bonuses that are dependent on their deposits, and if you are very fortunate your friend will deposit often at a casino that offers roulette bonuses to players for up to four months on friend referrals. So, you see, cultivating friends who accept and share your online casino gaming preferences can really pay off as you share a cool casino with them, they respond to the invitation and you both get free casino money in your player accounts. So, for 2013, start checking into which of your friends has the most value.