What Does It Mean To Play For Cash Or Free At Casino Sites?

When you enter a casino online gambling venue to play your favorite roulette games you may be asked if you want to play for free or play for real cash money. Playing for real cash money is pretty simple, you must make a deposit from your bank, credit card or web wallet to the site, and then you wager using that cash. But, what do they mean when they ask you if you want to play for free? Typically, playing for free at an online casino can mean one of two things, or you may actually have both options. These two options are often referred to as demo mode and fun bucks play.

What Is Demo Mode For Free Roulette Games?

Demo mode is an option you can use to play free roulette and other casino games like slots, blackjack, baccarat or craps. You may even find free demo modes for video poker and table poker depending on the site. Demo mode is sometimes a full version of the game where you can wager, and use all of the tools at no cost. However, sometimes demo mode has more limited features than real cash play. Demo mode may also require you to see advertisements or only allow a short period of game play before you will be asked to download a casino app or make a deposit. Sometimes you can get around this by logging out, then logging back in again for another timed demo play. When you play for free in demo mode you cannot take home any winnings, they are just virtual wins.


What Is Fun Bucks Mode For Free Roulette Games?

Fun Bucks mode is a bit different. With fun bucks, or bonus play, you will still play for free, but out of an account of bonus cash. When it is gone, it’s gone. If you wager and win you can usually take home those wins after an equal amount of wagered play. You will also get the full casino gaming experience and you can play as long as your fun bucks account allows you. Often you can earn bonus bucks at online casinos that can be used in this type of free play when you are wagering on games, or refer friends to the site. Both types of free play are fun entertainment.